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"Eric Lyden is a good guy and a funny guy. Those two qualities don’t always intersect. To my knowledge, he has also never committed a felony.”

Bob Saget | Stand-up Comedian, Actor, Televison Host


Eric Lyden is that sarcastic best friend we all have and need in our life. With the ultimate and unmistakable goal of getting us to laugh about the things that are hard to laugh about, including ourselves, he achieves and exceeds his goal in every performance by delivering one well-crafted hysterically cathartic punch line after another.


Armed with an affection for honesty in his writing and a trenchant charm in his delivery, Lyden gives each member of every audience he stares down someone we can relate to and consider as “one of our own.”


To date Eric’s credits include “Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen” and “Gotham Comedy Live” in NYC. And several of Eric’s spot on celebrity impressions can be heard on TV and radio nationwide.



Eric Lyden Stand-up
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7:00 PM

Thursday, September 22nd

Navesink Country Club | Red Bank, NJ


“If you work clean... you can work anywhere.” That was easily the best piece of advice I ever got in comedy. "Don’t suck!" was another gift of guidance from the wisdom gods that I’ve also heard more than a few times from comedy club owners, fellow comedians and my wife. But that’s another subject for another time.


By the way... "working clean" in comedy means being able to make people laugh without cursing or being vulgar. And to be honest I didn’t actually understand what it meant the first time I was I told I had to work clean. I took it literally, showered twice before the show and then proceeded to insult, upset and offend about 90-95% of a very well-dressed Indian wedding party audience. Who, to this day, claim that it was my tawdry little routine that caused the marriage to end after only 2 years.


Anyway, I took the bushel of lemons life handed me that star-crossed night and have been making delicious lemonade by working clean ever since. In addition to working at fantastic family resorts like Woodloch Pines in the Poconos and on cruise ships where I met my beautiful wife, I was also lucky enough to appear at Dry Bar Comedy in Provo, Utah on November 22, 2019. 


I hope you like it and if anything offends you or upsets you in this set then... it’s you! ;)